Certified Crystal Reiki Practitioner:
Lindsey Deaner of Promising Sage


She uses a combination of energetic healing techniques and modalities during her sessions that have been molded by years of personal practice, experience, and study. 

The work she does comes from her soul with the intention of connecting and assisting others for them to find the highest possible healing outcome regardless of the nature of the affliction.

She works in alignment with love, joy, and integrity, to be of service to the highest and greatest good of all.


Lindsey's primary focus is to facilitate healing from the inside out, and to bring the client back in charge of their overall healing process.

She believes the highest form of healing we can do is self-healing, and that we do not need to do it alone. Clearing energetic blockages and opening up to receive guidance is the first step towards a healthier, more well-rounded energetic body. Energetic alignment will affect all areas of one's life, and can cause great expansion, change, and healing.

Services Offered: 


Crystal Reiki Healing -
Full Energetic Clearing and Alignment incorporating: Reiki energetic healing, Crystal Healing, Chakra & Auric reading and cleansing, Energetic cord cutting, Oracle 3-card pull. Includes One on One discussion and personalized suggestions for maintaining energetic hygiene. Emailed recap of session and topics or suggestions discussed including crystals and tools used. 

Tarot and Oracle Card Reading -
Feeling Stuck? Just looking to check in? Experiencing a time of great growth or transformation? This Classic 10 card spread gives an overall view of the recipient’s current circumstances and provides clarity through channeled guidance intended to realign them with their higher self. Three Oracle Cards are pulled to provide additional support and best practices to help integrate the guidance received from your reading. Readings may be recorded & Photos of spread are allowed. 


Her Energy Healing sessions have been described as an "energetic shower" and leave clients feeling safe, relaxed, refreshed, loved, and supported. During sessions, clients lay down onto the massage table fully clothed and have crystals placed on or around the body. She implements multiple techniques to clear any cords or blockages encountered in the energetic body. She uses channeling to receive intuitive guidance during the session, and focus on revitalizing the energy while bringing the client back into alignment with their higher self. She provides a safe space for clients to talk through their healing in a supportive and safe space. 


All services are available in the Los Angeles Area, in person at the clients home/office, or online via video call. 

I have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19 to ensure the safety of all in person clientele.