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Corinne Eisenhardt is a licensed psychotherapist  who utilizes  her extensive experience working with trauma, crisis, depression, anxiety, and grief counseling.   Her  experiences working various different settings have given me a wide array of exposure to assisting individuals with various needs.  
Dana Harris is a licensed marriage and family therapist who work with individual adults and couples who are struggling with some of life's unique challenges. She provides a supportive environment where you can feel free to openly express yourself and address the issues that are causing you to feel stressed, overwhelmed, inadequate, or stuck in life. She helps those who are struggling with mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, by providing a safe space to process feelings, and tools to help overcome specific symptoms. If you strive for a more fulfilling and peaceful life, she will support you as you move toward realization of your goals.
Liz Mohun is the owner of Los Angeles Emotional Group.
 Are you highly motivated and open to change? Perhaps you feel ready to take the steps to improve your quality of life, but you don’t know where to start. You may be experiencing crippling anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, or just can’t seem to get “unstuck”. No matter what your struggle may be, psychotherapy can teach you how to tap into your internal resources, identify specific goals for achieving self-growth, and guide you through the journey of self-exploration. 
Dr. Annie McNeill utilizes effective therapy strategies that focus on solutions. Using evidenced based and integrative treatment strategies, Dr. McNeill works to help individuals and families reach their goals of change. McNeill Psychology offers individual, group, and family sessions to children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of presenting concerns, including anxiety, depression, and oppositional behavior.
Alexsa Wicker is a licensed psychotherapist who utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to help clients identify unhealthy thinking patterns and core beliefs that affect their ability to maintain healthy, balanced lifestyles. She uses individualized planning that uses a combination of therapeutic approaches to assist each client in meeting the goals that uniquely fit their needs.
Elisabeth Pollack is a licensed psychotherapist. She believes that counseling is a process of personal growth and would be honored to join you on that journey. Her goal is to provide an outlet to work through stressors and assist in identifying the barriers that could be keeping you from living a healthy, happy life. Elisabeth utulizes Cognitive Behavioral techniques to help her clients  find relief from anxiety and depression.

1910 Hillhurst Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90027

(Located in Los Feliz)

2900 Riverside Drive #1

Los Angeles 90039

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