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Individual Therapy:

Individual Therapy is a unique opportunity to utilize the support of a trained professional to gain perspective and spark change in one's personal life. The therapists at Los Angeles Emotional Wellness Group are trained to work with children, teens, and adults and creates specialized treatment plans to accomplish each individual's goals in therapy.


Whether you enter therapy to increase motivation and enhance success or to heal from past wounds and emotional truma, individual therapy will provide a safe place to examine anything in life that is holding you back from achieving the feeling of wellness and the peace that you desire.

  Couples Therapy:

At it's most basic, couples therapy will provide a space to address and improve interactional patterns and communication between partners. The therapist acts as a mirror; highlighting and reflecting back negative interactional cycles and mediating communication to ensure that each partner is heard and also hears the other. The therapist can assist the couple in uncovering underlying messages that are often lost in translation.  The couple may learn to better understand the lense from which each partner expresses themselves and interprets the world. Through increased communication, understanding, and compassion with the hope that the couple will rekindle their bond and enhance their intimate connection.


Group Therapy:

Participating in group therapy allows individuals who may be dealing with similar issues to support each other and provide empathy in a safe setting with the guidance of a trained professional. This collaborative form of healing can focus on interpersonal relationships or on particular concerns shared by group members.  A lot of times it is a hybrid of both.  A group setting maybe more appropriate for people looking for security, openess, and compassion among other group members experiencing the same struggles.

Holistic Therapy:

Holistic treatment is a response to what some people see as a more reactionary approach to health – the tendency to treat symptoms only, instead of finding and treating the root cause. Many people who have felt like traditional medicine has failed them have turned to holistic therapy in hopes that their practitioners will understand the complex nature of their illness, dig deeper into the source(s) of the issue, and focus their treatment on the whole person, not just the obvious symptoms

  • Reiki

  • Breathwork

  • Sound Therapy

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