Silver Lake- 2900 Riverside Drive Los Angele 90027

 Micheal Castagnetto is a licensed psychotherapist. He was inspired to pursue means of healing trauma. He is trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and TRM 1 (Trauma Resiliency Model). As a therapist, he works from a place of unconditional positive regard for my clients and works to provide a non-judgmental space that feels safe enough to deeply explore your complex inner world. He believes  it’s important to examine the stories we tell ourselves, challenge some of our thoughts and learn to begin to treat ourselves with kindness.

Sarah Cella is a licensed marriage and family therapist who specializes in working with children, teenagers, and young adults. Sarah views the therapeutic process as an opportunity to explore, understand, and articulate thoughts and feelings more effectively, as she works from the perspective that problematic behaviors (e.g., defiance, isolating, impulsivity) can change once their underlying meaning is identified and expressed. She offers a compassionate, nurturing, and non-judgmental space for kiddos and adults to find their own answers, after first providing a solid foundation of education and insight to better understand the brain, emotions, and relational dynamics that impact one’s sense of self. Utilizing relational, humanistic, and attachment-based interventions, Sarah helps facilitate emotion regulation, connection, and communication for both individuals and families

Amy Kaufman is a licensed psychotherapist. She believes that starting therapy is a courageous step toward feeling better; making the choice to become vulnerable in front of another person in order to receive help may be one of the hardest things you ever do. Right now, by looking for a therapist, you're showing the insight that you're worth more. Amy's approach for teens and adults is supportive, creative, and focused on exploration. We'll identify goals, navigate your issues, and capitalize on your strengths.

Dana Harris is a licensed marriage and family therapist who works with individual adults and couples that are struggling with some of life's unique challenges. She provides a supportive environment where you can feel free to openly express yourself and address the issues that are causing you to feel stressed, overwhelmed, inadequate, or stuck in life. She helps those who are struggling with mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, by providing a safe space to process feelings, and tools to help overcome specific symptoms. If you strive for a more fulfilling and peaceful life, she will support you as you move toward realization of your goals.

1910 Hillhurst Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90027

(Located in Los Feliz)

2900 Riverside Drive #1

Los Angeles 90039

(Located in Silverlake)

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